Blue Cake Pops

Blue Cake Pops
Reviewed by Cake Pops
Rating: 4.5

“Cake pops are simple, but not as easy as they look.  If it’s your first time, you might expect to find some cake balls falling off of the stick, and some uneven spots in your chocolate coating.  ” Here is a great video from Cakebot:

Big thanks to Cakebot video channel.

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  • Please follow ingredients outlined in the video.
Serves 4
  • Shalu

    Those blue/gold cake pops look AMAZING….where do you get those blue chocolate chips, please help me out? Or can you get other colored chocolate?

  • cakepops

    Hi Shalu,

    You can get these colors at Michaels or ACMoore stores.

    Thanks for your comment! :)

  • Denisse

    Wonderful job.

  • Beth

    Very helpful and well put together. Thank you!

  • Meijin

    Amazing job.

  • Carmen

    Fantastic hit a the party. Loved them

  • Maria Victoria

    I love it!!! beautiful job. I’m organizing a baby shower and I will try my best :-) Thanks

  • Taylor

    If I wanted to travel with these to bring to a party, how would you suggest I package them?

    • harry

      give uk boarder force a call, they will help. kiss kiss

  • judy davis

    I tried them for the first time-but instead of a cake ball I made a box-((like a tiny gift box) several did fall off the stick but I am just beginning so will try again.
    Great job on the video.

  • jennifer leigh

    curious…how do you keep them shiny? mine seem to dull up after they are dry…i’ve used glitter dust to give them shine but looking for another option..thanks!

    • harry

      fake tan is the key

  • Natalie

    Love this idea!! Am thinking about doing it for my wedding! :-)

  • tracy

    Any tips on keeping the chocolate at a good temperature for coating? That was my only issue the first time I made them. It wasn’t a thin as yours.


    Thanks for the DEMO, I absolutely loved it.

    • harry

      i luf u tu

  • Amy

    my coating was too thick any suggestions on a certain brand of coating that may be thinner?

  • Danielle

    Try mixing the chocolate with a little bit of vegetable shortening. This will thin out the mixture for dipping, give you a smoother texture when you bite into the cake pop, AND add a little shine to that coating! :)

  • elizabeth

    im a jr. in high school and im totally using this recipe for my baking class :) so thanks for thwe video it was way more helpful then most sites !

  • Ritu

    u make it look so simple… inspiring… will try and share my efforts… cheers !

    • harry

      cuz it iz u douche

  • Smokey8

    I made these last year for my nephews treat for school. They were a big hit. Will have to make again this year and will try the tip with coating the stick and then put the cake ball on