Cake Pops For Valentine’s Day

Cake Pops For Valentine’s Day

Cake Pops is a great way to celebrate Valentines day and surprise that special someone with a home made dessert creation. This easy to follow step by step video on how to make cake pops was brought to you by Complete Deelite. Enjoy.

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Serves 5
  • Katy Laine

    Thank you! You answered/solved my problem! I’ve made them a few times but always struggled with the icing part! Off to buy vegetable shortening! Great video!

  • wendy

    Thankyou! I’ve made cake pops before but these were the best out of all the times! :)

  • Hmaewaters79

    why is my melts burning i only put them on for 45 sec but in a glass bowl?

    • Kelly(:

      only heat them for about ten seconds at a time and STIR. I had the same problem and I guess you have to stir in between heating (:

  • ChocolateGirl

    so is it best to prepare the chocolate first? if it is, will it harden while it’s been set aside?

    • Nikki Montgomery

      no, that is one of the reasons for the vegetable shortening :) im gonna make these tomorrow!

  • Cstreet5

    what is vegetable shortening???
    Is it margarine??????????

  • macenzie ax

    I love this im doing it in the weekend s

  • cake pop

    help! I’m sexually attracted to cake pops!